Break It Down, Butch.

March 18, 2010

[13] It’s not unsolicited advice if you read it willingly.

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I have Serious Thoughts to type up later. Well, Semi-Serious Thoughts (let’s not go overboard.) But right now it’s 1am and I just have a thought.

Actually, I have an idea for a potential running-post.


*guitar crunch*


1) Business cards. They’re a great way to hand out your details, cinch a date, and make a quick but lasting statement. And they’re also a nice opportunity to add a bit of design flair into your life. (If you’re feeling especially organized, you can even get them in a business card holder.)

2) A gift closet. This is exactly what it sounds like: a closet with gifts. Perfect for those last-minute occasions that require an emergency present, but also a great way to get your Christmas shopping done piecemeal through the year, so you don’t have to PANIC when December roles around. (Yes, this sounds a little girly. But it also has the potential to be ruthlessly organized and Massively Time-Saving, so shuddup.)

3) How to tie your shoelaces properly. Because seriously, that’s just a given.


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